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Crunchy, twice-baked pillows filled with delicious flavors: Swiss Chocolate, Strawberry Cream, Lemon Mousse and Hazelnut Cream. Made from wheat, corn and rice with only 99 calories per serving. We strike a balance between healthy and tasty ingredients to create the best products for you.

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Brush Lasfor

Filled Pillows to share with anyone you want. You can find them in different flavors: Strawberry Cream, from the best valleys; Swiss Chocolate, which will melt once you taste it; Lemon Mousse, to fuel your body with energy, and Hazelnut Cream, our new flavor. Find them in the 200 G package.



Only 99 calories per serving, a cereal made to revitalize and fuel your body while maintaining a balanced diet.



Super crunchy and twice-baked Filled Pillows. They are produced with the best wheat, corn and rice to bring the right amount of freshness.

Super Relleno

Extra filling

Delicious and creamy flavored fillings in each unit. Whenever and wherever you want: at the office, at home, with your friends or on your own. It’s up to you!